Self-taught in Film-making processes and trained in Fine Arts, History, Multimedia, Arts Management and Spiritual Sciences. 

Between 1990 and 1994 worked as Administration Director and Production Assistant of New Media Arts Center ESPACIO ‘P’ in Madrid with founder/creative director and interdisciplinary artist Pedro Garhel. 

During this time began a collaborative and personal exploration of the moving images through Video-Journalism, Multimedia Operas and Performance-Art. Later, as Founder of Little Bubble of Laughter, expanded to create Visual Landscapes for Dance, Installation Works and Documentaries. 

In 2005 graduated with Distinction in Leadership and Management of the Arts in the 21st Century: Cultural Policy, Planning and Theory 2005, Birkbeck University Of London, with a paper on Interactive Creative Practice

Currently engaged with, 

-Research  Neo-Reductio ad Absurdum Alternative Intelligence . 

-Translating Gaia Amans Life Orientation and Personal Transformation site. 

-Intraflux Quantum Fiction Writing.

-Producing a Sci-Fi feature-length Interactive Film and Installation.

-Archive building,

Contact me infoatcrissalidadotcom