She strived against odds towards perfect ideals. She believed in a perfect world for she could nearly make it out in the close distance already.

One day, a very tall 10 year old schoolboy appeared to her. He was educated for noble behavior but he reveled against his own upbringing. He came to her with poetry, creative ideas, and tales of sweet delicacies she wanted on her dish. 3 months he told tales of sweets, ice cream and cakes. She dieted and made tummy space not having sweets elsewhere. They played games and had fun most of the time.

Then one day, he appeared with a honey/ginger jelly worm and held it up high unaware of her height. But he had won her trust , so she calmly sat. "mmm.." she exclaimed , as he lowered the worm into her mouth. "I haven't even started!" he said.

The following days he cherished her increasingly and fed her more of it all, growing playfully sticky. Though quality was excellent, foreseen she could get ill, she started to say no.

Then, after 2 weeks, one Saturday morning he told her he would bake a special grandma recipe for them both. But he run off and left her in thoughts, addicted slightly to cake and dreaming of bomboms untasted and more. She was however patient because she could feed herself after all.

After some days, he appeared back, but did not explain, instead, he played a different game. In the following two months he brought a different flavor ice-cream everyday but gave her only single jelly worms, while he held the ice cream so high she could only passively watch it melt. With this overteasing, she begun doubting his tales, but she kept open to his promptings happyly receiving not sweets but generously else.

One day, when she was most unaware, he naughtily put his daily ice-cream up her skirt. She slapped him in the face.

They still enjoyed other games but somehow grew apart in silence day by day. He kept giving her a biscuit or jelly worm, while she went on sighting high the ice-cream melt, and wondering what was thwarting his arm into inactivity to lower it down. Was he doubting when to give it next? Doubt would not vanish that way.!! Or was he simply looking elsewhere?

One day, white chocolate ice-cream with raspberry swirl taste came. Then unpredictably he kindly shared it with her, and though it had nearly melted, it left her blooming in dreams of tales again. She did not ask for more, distrusting his teaseovertop and because she was grateful to be making tummy space again for perhaps new things to come, so she simply kept blindly believing in delicacies through the evermore rationalized jelly worms.

She could do with his protection -monster chopper knife attached- and with his witty affection and calm energy buzz he was perfect to chaperon her around town against harassing boys and gypsy catchers in her multiple invites to parties, jobs, events and laughter, she could relax. He did the job well, but wouldn't however take her along to that of his own. Then one day he left her stranded in a dark alley! She wasn't angry nor afraid, but disappointed, yes. Her knight hadn't even given her the single jelly worm dose! "Sorry!" he apologized the next day. Forgiving she shared on exhibitions plus more. He thanked her again without a dose! As she wondered then where his knightly manners and even jokes had gone and weather he had already judged her tastes without sharing much of a taste nor half spoonful at all. Monsters and ghosts possess him, she thought, and invoked the witch of space to blow them off. The witch flew birth angels by. Silence responded. Santa Claus and Rudolph too waved good-bye leaving his very valuable present vanished uncollected.

She went back to her palace to find no messages. "Was he alive?" Curiosity killed the cat.

The New Millennium dawned champagne showers of multicolored rainbow lights. He gave her a jelly worm. "mmm..." as she wonder once more how he might make her feel later perhaps with cake or marshmallows.

Later in a muddy fairground, both mute and present, in peace and in company, she wondered and wondered "he doesn't give me cake anymore. I don't go around allowing even my friends to feed me jelly worms! what if they touch their wee-wees? why do I allow him therefore?" She did not feel a victim but quested the insight and graciously wonder what he would do next.

"Beer pudding this week?" he twice proposed, and she wondered and wondered where had the sweetness gone. "Will you give me a hug?" she coyly asked. "A HUG?!" he shouted "HOW DEMANDING!! who ever heard of a hug! I'm 90 % gray and I don't give hugs, but you must keep happy always" "I cannot accept your beer pudding" she sadly responded. "You moody creature!" "Moody? not at all". In her hopelessly romantic heart, the millennium dawn memories live on. "We have very different tastes" he said How can he know when he thwarted the testing instead of testing on? she thought, and exclaimed"...but how boring the world would be if we were all alike". "we can work on our differences!" the knightly schoolboy in a caring rush said. "Yes" she admired. For a moment hope smiled in her face. "You want to go back in time" he asked "No" she responded." I want to go ahead and grow tall, but how can i be receptive to misguiding jelly worms and responsive when the ice-cream just melts. I simply don't understand, but perhaps in time I can have beer pudding instead" He then refrains. "...I can not satisfy you!" Ohoh! Is he misinterpreting, arriving to a faulty conclusion? I am grateful with whatever gifts I get, but I want to know more. She thought to herself. He continues "We abide a long time by your rules!" "MY rules!!???" astound she said "we have not spoken of rules nor perhaps truly played for that matter. You chilled the rules instead of the ice cream time ago! if I had set up any rules, the ice-cream certainly would not have melted high up in your hand everyday , least without a little taste!!"

Aware of her points he finally said, "I don't know you, but I, I will communicate!" "And I will appreciate." she said.

She retired to her magic cocoon. He trotted the land.

The witch of time winded by in the cold sunny millennium dawn, and when she came across the witch of space, they studied the case and casted on him a spell, for he did not use his mouth to express so now it was taken away.

Galloping in the fields as he was, he suddenly felt his legs morph. He was now hopping with frog's legs. He shouted and screamed but got no help. He was not understood except by another hopping frog, so along together they went.

Then by misfortune they jumped into a bucket of fresh milk. They swam and swam for hours on end. The walls were too slippery. Death seemed certain. One of then frogs lost all courage. "Why keep struggling against the inevitable?" he moaned. "Keep on, keep on " urged the other. They kept on for a while. "..but brother, we may as well give up" he gasped. "I'm going to quit struggling. what's the point"

Now that only one was left he thought to himself "well, to give up is to be dead, so I will swim and swim". Exhausted close to death he nearly gave up, but thought of his friend. "I'll keep paddling until I die -if death is to come- but I'll keep trying, for while there is life, there's hope!"

Determined he went on around and around chopping the milk into waves. Then, when he was about to drown, he suddenly felt something solid under him. To his astonishment he realized he was resting on a lump of butter which he had churned by incessant paddling! And so the successful but lonely frog jumped out.

January 5th 2000


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