Some humans fear Love. One may run from it, as if it was wrong to embrace Love. Thus instead one breeds feelings of the uncherished, the unacknowledged, the unvalued, and the unimportance.

These in turn flux forth into the quantum sea towards those interconnected around one.

Some may fear the future impact Love could have on others, perhaps reasonably, one would assume an impact of benefit, but when Love is denied through fear, some may create in their mind, in their life, but negative spectra and drama.

More than the future, one should be concerned with the present. If one seems out of sync with reality, out of sync with existence itself, then one needs to be honest with where one is at, otherwise one is living a lie.


A lie has greater negative impact on those around one, because then they too are not living the truth of life.

What happens when people are sheltered from reality, they become spoiled and intolerant. They create a habit of not accepting things as they are, life as it is. They too become out of sync with existence.

Out of sync is inner conflict. It is a battle against life. Life is beautiful, if we only allow it to flow as it is. Life is life, full of life, awesome, inspiring, guiding, abundant and generous beyond anything possibly imagined. But one fucks it up when one rebels the self, the own reality, and chooses to engage in battle with it, as opposed to dance with it.

Love, the greatest tabu within british culture, is not my tabu. Indeed I feel much Love today. Finnish sunflowers show me their aura. One, a pair of glowing eyes!

SunFlow151.jpg SunFlow150.jpg

A hard chicken tells me he has not been fed growth hormones, and has rampaged the wild much. A good boil and it nourishes me in tenderness along fresh exotic herbs and spices that sprung up happily in my balcony rejoiced in British weather.


Sonar energy has no past. I drift away in resonance with my friend Dodo's link to his band’s 1995 gig. Part I Part II

Ever harmonious inspired compositions, soundzzz and Love vibrates the space. With the whole, whilst entangly Fear itself is shoved off my chromosomes , I swim in the Quantum Sea of Life, with Love’s currents which flux me up in streams. I feel a molecular flow. It is real.

And the remainders? For the time being, BEING, I can sing along and say ‘It don’t matter’. (Thank you Ms Gardot for the linkage. Yes, the underlined is a link)


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