Nothing I could say to describe Phil Jeck’s live gig tonight could possibly make it justice, so I will limit myself to the sonic healing experienced.

Delicious it was ever wallowing upwards. The mind trips off, eyes wide open, yet transported into spheres of thought which nearly constantly occupy the busy brain. However, a major difference in day-dream tripping was evident. Thoughts where not random, they had a coherence about them, as layered in order of importance.

I was aware of this and for a split moment I stepped aside from my mental trip only to wish my brain would always function thus. Another split moment I thought of untapped mind potentials and how little we consciously experiment with it on day to day basis. Why the fuck not? -I thought whilst pondering a 'Fuck Conjugating' painting by Luke Morgan which was displayed by Phil's right side-.


But I didn’t want to be side-tracked with analysis. The music was too enthralling for that, luring one back into the flow. I steered straight back to the experience and fine-tuned my hearing to the flowing frequencies.

Indeed I felt my neuro-receptors and neuro-transmitters harmonizing themselves in the flow. My brain was literally a collection of waves, stormy thought-ondullations which swiftly recomposed their positionings to fit each other in a whole. In its close-to-perfect calm-thought-lake estate, serene it became to reflect an unruffled full-moon shape.

All things I had been dwelling about in previous weeks suddenly inhabited and orderly space. I could envision it all with great clarity and yet poetry too. There was no obstacle, but a velvety flow.

The body was relaxed, virtually static, yet wholy dynamic. Muscle molecules danced their zone in rhythmic pulse synchronizing with external resonance, the heart wide-open and calm.

Plasma, blood vessels, red and white blood cells, other purple, green, yellow, pink and gold elements too, sparked about in a sequenced infinite linkage to something else. As a solar charger would not function without sunlight, so this intricate system of filled vessels, lymph currents, tissues, hormones, neurones, peptides, nerves, bones and what-av-not, was operational only as a flux current proceeding and preceding that else.

I followed their track and came across chromosomes which ever surfaced more and more vividly till I could feel them like my finger tips, like the breath in my lungs, like the scent of my perfume, like the rationally discordant and melodic sounds in the room.

These chromosomes were popping away, as if loosening up in intermittent yet rhythmic pulse. They engaged with the flow, the flow that resonated the whole and the hall.

All of a sudden that is exactly what was happening. Resonating energy waves were so powerful that a large wall installation in the gallery took live and spontaneously joined the rhythms popping its black plastic cups away from its whites. The sculpture’s spewing out, was in no doubt a graphical, physical motion synchronicity of that which I was experiencing with my DNA.

Indeed we were permeated by resonance which had become physically visible. Those of us who witness the event where astound, bemused, in awe of invisible powers which crossed dimensions through energy fields. Nevertheless no extreme loss of composure was felt. As if the supernatural was only natural.


PJeck.MOV (<--Yes, this s a video link )

Possibly that is exactly what it is. We may have lost touch with inherent energy fields of life, or perhaps never lost it, we are just on the brink of the untapped, that we perceive the natural world as supernatural. Yet what could be more coherent than atomic resonance?

And thus I say the gig was delicious for I felt fully fed, fulfilled to the mitochondrial core of each and every one of my cells. Yes, the mitochondria –that is, the individual brain- of each cell that made me, had experienced same flow as my brain as a whole.

Conclusive effect? I, with my molecules and their atomic energies whom are also I, was fed delicious energy through experimental harmonies at variance, by Philip Jeck.

The effect was one which loosened and lightened up atomic resonance currents in ascending arrangement, in a manner that can only be described as Sonic Healing.

Thank you Philip Jeck, this is my ark, you are a true wizard.

Check out Wholesome and Pax by Philip Jeck on Slack Video Link/Pulse


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