A space of arrhythmic throbbing under the chest bone half way down the throat becomes reflective of emotional commotion, an out of sync frequency which requires attention.

Some emotional commotion can linger about unresolved for a long time. One can get rather muddled up with the shake up tripping there time and again, as opposed to being here and now.

The problem arises when one maintains a dialogue with one’s own past, much in the yesterday constantly, consciously or unconsciously. When one is doing the last, one needs to be aware, to become conscious in order not to do it. Otherwise one blocks honest relations with the present reality as one begins to impose or manipulate the present reality in accordance with a mental analysis which is out of time with what it really is in the now.

This is bound to create vibrational damage which fluxes in DNA and resonates onto body parts ultimately creating havoc.

How can personal equilibrium be harmonic when one is in constant initiative to control that which is happening, that which just IS?

To carry such attitude becomes equivalent to a satisfied child who becomes conceited with that done. When conceit takes hold the child falls into self-worship and egotism.

It is necessary to understand that a posture thus marked destabilizes enormously, even when initially it may have served a purpose such as to give the strength to go on living. However that strength to live responds to the attitude of imposition towards that which happens.

It would be appropriate not to impose on that which happens and to allow one self to live, to live with orientation and not through obligation and duty.

To impose is to create a racket out of that which one is doing. That is, out of carrying out a good action one can become so smug as to turn it into internal rumpus. One thing is to rejoice in being alive, another one to delight in pride.

It is important not to celebrate with arrogance that which one does. It is most convenient to consider if that which has been carried out has been suitable but avoid becoming haughty in the process.

Otherwise the attitude will rise above the situations, where the situations remain dominated. That is, one may thus feel so elevated as to feel on top of that which is taking place, instead of feeling within and being in that which ongoing takes place.

One does not need to control anything, not even not rejoicing in pride. One only needs to be aware of that which occurs, without judgement.

The important thing is to acknowledge. To pay attention is to recognize. The key is to admit to one’s self without bearing judgement, just admit to it.


A relationship exists.

A relationship should be understood as something that unites. That something which unites is love. Appropriate would be that love would unite, or that unity would come out of love. Love is to relate, to connect. To relate is to respect and to take responsibility for that which one carries out. Accountable relationships breed comfort and bring to life wellbeingness.

Conflictive relationships are those where interests become more important than considerations. If necessarily, one needs to consider or to ask another for considerations, this is quite different than to raise demands.

Some people do not thrive in demand. One may not be in a domain of demand and still request relations. Why not relate thus? Or perhaps it is not easy to understand that an intimate relationship may not be sexual?

Basically, to relate to one another is to respect one another. When those involved begin to understand that reciprocal respect in the relationship exists, then sexuality becomes personal need, but a need which is full of beauty because it is the need for water, the need for the sun, and not the need of dependency.

Moreover, dependencies seize to exist in the realms of considerations, through relating respectfully. Relating respectfully is much needed in the current times definitely.

One may not request an intimate relationship, in the way in which intimate is generally or has been previously understood, one may just request a relationship to relate.

To relate is to feel that the relationship exists in the sense of mutual respect, in the sense of allowing each other to be there, in the sense of trust and in the sense one responds to that trust.

All of which sums equal to loving each other based on mutual respect, and not on loving each other based on who-knows-what upon no base. The various spheres then interlink, for to love with foundations also allows respect to flourish.

True unconditional love thrives in respect, and not in mutual use and abuse for indeed then the act of loving each other seizes to exist.

If an interest in respecting each other exists, then the realms corresponding to that for everything else will exist as well.

If insistence is placed in that what IS of importance is being mutually respectful…

and respect no doubt is what is convenient because people are in need of true affection, and not of interest-based affection, nor egotistical-based affection, or circumstantial-based affection.

…then, if mutual respect exists, then attention to self and attention to one another will exist, as well as the no mixing non-entanglement of that which is not attention and which would damage the mutual existing respect.

With action based on understanding, everything can be restored.


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