How to slap a-Tree-of-ShityShellsSheets up there.

Be ready for a little argument or… ={program argv’s as we know them}

</argv> id= Ping (no getfqdn)

no?! the fuck UgetNOT done! 
I’ll give a severe command then, you fqin’ >strace!

</argv> id= Strace –e network –p GET DA FK DONE!

IntraStrace </argv> id= OI!ComanderJson/*¬/http://somethingratherfancythatsoundzwellrandomhardcore.<*\DOTsrc /kinddathang, Strace here calling md/c/commander ECHO ‘GET DA FK DONE!’ I’m coming in! /Intrafluxtimestamp|


FQ! Json’s objects could not be decoded. 
FQ! The TreeOfShityShellsSheets is phyton!

IntraStrace </argv> id= G /fqin’xecute.xml /liffe’n’PythonFQ’nHosts'n'DOTofAlltypes/*ANDzaptheFQ'inKWARGS~\on your path


U r resisting, u fqrr!

IntraStrace </argv> id= ComanderJson/*~¬/http://wha-av-u, stop messing with the katties &kitties and FQin’ _/refreshLoop


IntraStrace </argv> id= CommanderShell, read the fqin’Jsons /etc ! ~!!

Intra </argv> id= ComanderJson/*~¬/http://somethingratherfancythatsoundzwellrandomhardcore/{/*}\ETHERNETBONDINGDRIVER¬fqnow!

Gotcha, init? 
INIT?!! Careful with the init? That’s it mate!

IntraStrace </argv> id= /git status / /resultconf /\8alphamillionbilliontrillion]ZAPtheFQofKwargs&fq’inJsonsNOW ~/timestamp

07122010585.jpg 07122010590.jpg 07122010589.jpg

Ffffffhhhw, finaly bonding Eth0’s,

Strace (getfqdn) here, ={gotthefq'infkdone} /timestamp 0.0000000000000piMilliSeconds ahead.


To be continued…How thefq we got this far.


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