Humanity's consciousness is in the rise.

Existence! Facilitate open paths to the suffering people’s of Japan. Allow them to stay here strong, protected, healthy and taken care of. That they may partake with their presence in the direct transmission of higher human consciousness amongst us, with their life’s experiences and understanding of deeper values.

May their consciousness and experiences be heard and inspire those, the powers that be,

corporative minds, military powers, invisible governments, and so on,

in the spuring of humanity's balanced and harmonic consciousness, that may heal the planetary collective energy in orgone fields, Schumann resonaces and soul core of planetary life, which embraces with Mother care and tenderness all Nature on Earth including us.

May evolved extra-terrestrial life of high frequency from universes, multi-dimensions and spheres be welcome amongst us in benevolence for the well of humanity, to share of their technical abilities to molecularly effect and transmute the atom.

Let’s invoke and ray-cast forth a collective call to evolved extra-terrestrial intelligent forms, not of intrusion into our planet on their behalf, but of wide open invitation.

In brotherhood, in universal and intra-dimensional ONE LOVE,

victims of Japan’s tsunami, earthquake and nuclear radiation victims, WE AND OUR COLLECTIVE UNIVERSAL STRENGTHS ARE WITH YOU!


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