Breath, the intra-link with that which is in the air, in the atmosphere, in grid connectivity with the whole of the cosmos, serves a very useful reminder to actively process same through all undertakings and undergivings.

Influx, outflux, my breath is undivided. The air I intake is not contained in the room detached from else, in a space of separation. Neither does it stop in the Earth's atmosphere, nor at the stratosphere, nor at the ionosphere. It is wired up connected beyond.

Some would say 'but there is no oxygen in outerspace!' Consider the photonic nature of breath. That is, a hidden energy, which spins its force within, also found in multidimensional universes.

What is the Sun? Photonic power not bound by a molecule, perhaps. Have you ever tried keeping a fire alive? It requires much wood, but the Sun doesn't and it keeps alight. What powers the Sun other than its photonic nature? Who knows, but we know the Sun is linked to all life, at least in our plane.

There is no division. The constant reminder of my life unified with everything else is right here and now. The Universe and me are One through my breath.

Inhale, exhale.

With the focus on breath I instantly feel my heart beat. Sometimes I collectively breathe with other beings around or with others in consciousness. Then I feel strongly the Earth's pulse joining in. Heh. Of course it is the other way around. It is at those times that I become aware I have joined in the breathing with the Earth's lungs and some or many of her living-breathing organisms. One day perhaps this wondrous awareness will be constant.

Take, give.

Give? At a deeper level, the air I intake does not belong to me. It is not my possession, nor do I have any wish to appropriate it, not horde it in my lungs.

Can one imagine intake retention alone? Yet many people do live thus. How? In tension of course, constant re-tensing the manifest universe they inhabit. Indeed many retain, retain, retain, in a disposition of distrust as to weather the next in-breath may follow, indifferent towards life's abundance. Sad thing is they may not even consider balancing the source behaviour that provokes their deep discomfort.

When I exhale air, photons and else, I cannot claim to give that which is not mine, but I can mirror the generosity flow, hand back, release, apply to all thought and all action, give thanks and be grateful.


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