Back in, I stumble into bed. I lay straight and still, enveloped by a sense of exhaustion that spurs me to do just that, and not even think.

Within seconds, an endless procession of cinematic imagery diagonally travels far along the screen of my mind. This space of perception, this screen, is massive, 360 degrees, larger than an IMAX screen from 3rd row.

Portrayed, one at a time, are single characters carrying out daily actions on the street. They represent humankind in a variety of cultures, ages and backgrounds. I can see every fine detail in their garments, objects they carry and faces which often look at me. Its ultra-vivid, the colours are sharp. It’s beautiful and poetic.

The thing is I am simultaneously well aware that I am lying in my bed, too exhausted to move, but awake.


I feel the blanket next to me that I wish to push away, and I do. I open my eyes and look at a painting on the wall, then to tulips on a vase on the other side, push some garment aside with my feet. All these intermingles with the cinematic vision every instant that I close my eyes. I even open and close my eyes on purpose just to confirm this is happening to me.

The diagonal travelogue does not interrupt.

This goes on forever... an hour...two? It's hard to tell. I am aware I was meant to run some errands and what they are, but I also know that all I can do now is relax and embrace this moment in time. Not quite falling asleep, I am in the process of falling asleep I guess.

'No! You are in alpha state' I am informed. Oh! So this is alpha! I appreciate in wonderment. It's so beautiful.

Suddenly my left ear rings loudly, the right one follows. Sounds explode within my body and all around. These sounds are close to deafeaning-loud and passed experimental, industrial, and somehow alien in frequencies well beyond the usual wakeful range. Simultaneously the vibration of my whole body shifts frequency and in a different density begins to lightly float.

I hear more sounds in the hallway, in the house, in my room...steps, movement, things being lightly touched. Some people have entered...some beings.

I am not afraid they have entered my house. I perceive benevolence. I feel a ladies presence first entering my room and standing right next to the bed on the left. She calls upon the others who are checking the house to join her. They say everything is alright.

I make a massive effort to open my eyes and see her, see them. The eyelids are heavy and unresponsive but I manage several times, the room is empty. Yet I continue to feel them in the room more acutely than if a person was actually present. The dream doesn't brake away. I step straight back into its continuity. It is an enticing and awesome state of perception. I am glad not to loose it.

The lady informs me her name is Marta. She is the strongest presence. These beings chat softly for a moment. I am levitating. I feel several hands half a meter to a meter above me. They are scanning my body, beginning from my feet ending at my head. As they scan on, I see light sparkling profusely in organs, blood, lymphatic fluids, tissue, cells and molecules, each emitting its own sound...or is it sound which activates them? I see these lights and I also feel each element in my body as it is being activated. It’s an atom dance of light and sound synchronicity, which is me.

My levitation just above the bed hovers softly up and down a few centimetres. I can feel the sheets underneath me at times. As the scanning reaches my knees, stomach and chest, these body parts elevate above the rest. It’s a very pleasurable experience even though the sound is extremely loud in both my ears, in the room, in the neighbourhood, and within my total sense of perception. I am aware and astounded that I perceive a different sphere of perception, possibly another dimension.

The scanning process doesn't take long. It’s only unpleasant when they reach my head as the sound, resembling dentistry drills, becomes very high in pitch. But I am reassured to hold on and indeed it’s not too unbearable. The sound-light scans my jaw, tongue, eye balls, glands, medulla oblongata, third eye, brain rather fast. The sound-light begins to subside and the levitation too, but not totally.

Between two, they reassemble my legs towards the edge of the bed as if getting to a position ready to get out of bed. They hold me from under the knees. I can feel the pressure of their hands and the grossness of density of my physical legs. I also hear street noise but I have no wish to wake up from this experience.

Marta then proceeds to move behind the head of my bed where there is standing space in my actual room. She presses my eyelids firmly with two fingers of each hand, index and middle. I feel her closeness and breathe on my face. It is very physical.

'It's done' she informs and encourages me to rest.

Nearly everything subsides then, but a certain density remains. I seem to go simultaneously into a more wakeful return to my room and a deeper state of sleep. They are going.

No, wait! I want to meet you. Who are you?

I am presented to them by name, five of them standing in semi-circle, but except for Marta I don't quite see their faces and my memory soon evades their names. They are sweetly chatting in Spanish, jokingly but without a speck of sarcarsm. They seem happy with their achieved mission but not proud in a lofty way, just humble, very humble, but assured and nobly. They are ready to go and move along to their next location, but not in a hurry, they are very calm.

No, don’t go yet. I want to see your faces! What are your names again? I stand and get closer to them.

I get their names again and try to log them. This time each one acknowledges my presence looking at me, as I look at them clearly seen their faces in detail. I forget their names yet again and ask once more. They are 5 perfectly normal looking characters, 3 females 2 males of ages ranging 25-32. One is rather nerdy looking and extremely dribbly character, otherwise their attire and physicality is very average. They strike me as scientist/healer practising student types.

Where do you come from?

'We are from the group of ...' Again memory evades me nearly instantly. Like their own names, sounded like a village name or location in northern Spain.

They emanate endearing qualities, warmth and honesty. They strike me as really beautiful in an inner sense. I am very comfortable with them. I would like to continue conversation but it is time for them to go.

As soon as they depart I open my eyes to wow wow wow the amazing experience, be it a dream or not, my legs positioned to get up.

My feeling? One of increased harmonics inside, a calm better balanced state, and insomnia has been replaced by deep long sleep with a more subtle perceptual nature, which mirrors life's delicate loving unfoldment, an inspiration to gentleness.

Coincidence, synchronicity, truth of fiction? I don't care. Labels and analytical thinking do not affect the experience.

And I know something, with a lifetime following sonic experimentation, my mind has no previous reference of those sounds.


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