If we want to change the world, the society and the environment we live in, we must change ourselves first. The rest is just a reflection of our own individual state.

When we observe what we are doing, thinking, believing, we can question if that particular act, thought or believe serves us in the present.

Or if perhaps it is just part of an old stagnant established mental structure or cultural programming one has swallowed, followed and overlooked.

And if one is to go deeper one may also question if it supports character and ego, or if it supports the generosity of the heart.

We must dis-engage from supporting character and ego if we want to change, for they do not want to change, they just want to be maintained.

On the other hand, generosity of heart is ever expansive ever broadening ever permeating, ever illuminating, but one must be willing to shed character.

Illumination is to be lucid. To be lucid is to observe self.

We can re-in-form ourselves. In-formation breeds understanding and new formation. We do not need to attain nor achieve anything. We do not need to implant any changes. We do not need to need from outside sources. We do not need to desire, possess nor manipulate our futures. We just need to pay attention in the constant present -which is what is unlike the future which is not what is-, to be ever more aware of our thought structures and be willing to let go, offload.

New understanding breeds change. Change is evolution. Change will come by itself.

We can change ourselves. We can change the World. Just BE aware.



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