The 21st of December 2012.

To come together is no less efficient than not to partake. To take part is to make something that combines with everything else one does, an opening.

There is always time to open a door. When the door opens it does so beginning with a gap that allows one to notice the initial opening.

That imposition of a door opening will be marked on that date as a beginning of unification with more... insight which is already traced and will remain in morbid existence...more that has its roots in life. Its like a tree, it grows, roots up and creates openings due to its developing roots that open small grooves on the ground. The tree of life that blooms on planet Earth is also thus.


A new insight will also exist from now on, a new wider view that will clash with the misery found in narrow minds. Therefore rejoice the encounter - thus it should be- with Mother Earth which stands united with all that happens, or what happens is close to Earth that facilitates the possibility as well.


She is close by, the inhabitants stand close by her too. That rumpus should be displayed in calmness, conscious of an event that begins where it ends and ends where it begins. It begins with a disposition as well, to unite with Earth which stands in relation with those that live upon her.

Other beings exist and they will manifest with great events on that date, tribes from afar which now renew their appreciations, that laid hidden but bloom as well. Since they will partake on that date, unite with them, for they will further spur the need to change the previous era -which was to unite with atrocity without consciously experiencing what was carried out-. Therefore, celebrate the consciousness of being conscious, to consciously open, to consciously be within that which is open, or within that which would open if someone or some people would do so. By doing so it is questioned, by doing so it is given, by so doing it is summoned, by so doing it is propelled, by so doing the event deserves a great consideration.

Consideration in unity with Earth, Earth in unity with the orbit, the orbit in unity with the encounter of beauty of whatever may be. The celebration is the beauty of what needs to take place.


It’s like opening the door to a gentle guest, awaiting a friendly and generous life. All of that is to open a door, or the door opens if someone facilitates the action too. Those actions carried out by people in different locations, trace intersecting lines of encounters between one and another. Those lines, those traces trace longitudes, not limitations. The more the connecting wave expands, the more output and emission that gets generated.

That day should be a calm and conscious one.

Conscious of being; conscious of experiencing that day; conscious, for consciousness to be conscientious not to elude a date in the interior of each person. Each one must attend to or connect with consciousness, with Earth, in union with everything one undertakes.


Those structural threads, the warp and wefts or grid, upholds harvests. Those harvests yield. The more harvests are sustained the more that blooms.

There will be a great story with that opening as well, but let it be clean, dignified not of rumpus but heart-felt. Rumpus only serves the exterior whilst the heart remains behind.

Let the heart feel what it taps upon.

None else, be there to feel, to enable, to open up so as to stand for something that means to facilitate what’s on offer.

If what is on offer is not accepted then it will deteriorate or it will be minimised.


Unity is on offer, a unit with other units, in the formation of unity with other units, they open towards the non-exclusion of planet Earth with its initial components, be these lives, plants, animals, apparent gross structures such as stones and other matters that conform existence.

Thus opened they come into unity with other deities that exist, not just the ones that existed imprisoned and enclosed.

To open the door means to open the door, that is, to stop being enclosed. That is the foremost celebration; that is the beginning of something; it is the sense of liberating self; it is the meaning of blooming; that is the sense that must prevail; from therehence silence self, love self; in the sense of being, with disposition towards that which is most appropriate.


Appropriate would be: Not to elude freedom and the way forth towards the encounter with unifications that bloom in freedom; unifications which until now did not exist in freedom on the Earth we are on.

Nothing will be done without consent. Therefore those who agree, also permit and by allowing it they invoke it. Without consent nothing would happen. That is, without openings differentiated by consciousness nothing would happen.

If it is not conscientiously done then it does not manifest in consciousness. Nothing would happen. Everything would be left as it is, or it would simply get more warped than it already is.

Therefore, the difference is found within those who encourage change to emerge. Also those who choose to ignore, due to their wrong position of abandonment of existence and search for satisfaction without understanding profound satisfactions, those will not be counted in. They do not convoke, do not invoke, do nothing, they do not dismiss even perhaps but they do not appreciate, and by not appreciating contempt begins.

Consistent would be to understand what is being said for what needs to be done, or what should be done on the pointed date.

Nothing else, to be conscious is more important than to do, because to do things conscientiously, be it what it may be, deposits within what is consciously attended.

To get on with things taints, conceals or minimizes. To be conscious is to give a sense of life to the existence each one has.

If one looses it, one gets bitter. If one searches for it, pushes, does it, then it will open. That is, the one who opens up feels himself to be on the path of liberation. That is, he feels unimprisoned.

It is different to become bitter than to permit possibilities, the difference lays on who does it and who abandons the doing.

To be is to feel. To be is not to celebrate humaniously with a vacuous sense of existence; that is, without consideration towards life. These are not mundane celebrations but sensory celebrations.


Let it be spoken of water, of fire, of air, of earth so that the four elements in essence that form existence in the planet which you inhabit may regain significance; and not do with a reckless usage of these original essences that form the expressions of life in this planet.

This is the ritual so to speak. Let the ritual be free of paraphernalia, let it be a real consideration. That authentic consideration is what would be of importance, not a fussy ritual that creates profane celebrations instead of feelings in existential spirit.

Therein you will find union, if you do it.

To feel it in depth will be possible if in depth it is done or if in depth one stands, because it connects with the depths of others who also thus do it, and those who feel it project it towards existence itself.

There will be deities attending to it, the corresponding deities for the invocations summoned.


Some come together. One channels. One projects onto all that stands together. In nearby places of infinite dimensions they get collected. Therehence it also gets projected onto other places and the connections of multiple celebrations are created, in the sense that there are openings open with a sense of agreement, that there are beings on Earth who agree; they disagree with what existed up until now in the sense not of confrontation but that they did not attend to it, that they did not strengthen it with their lives; they agree for their lives to be dedicated to purity of existence. That is, to re-encounter the suitable, to facilitate it, to find the disposition and from that disposition to do so.


Thus it will be, thus it is, thus one is.


Drive yourself to do it for it is a good measure in getting to know your self, in being, in feeling, to value, to express it, to unify and to transform self. It is not a measure to doubt self nor to riotously excite the inner self, but to relax, trust, understand how crucially important it is to truly unite and to consider what it is to be unified. Do not wait for others but find the disposition to do it yourself, with the own life you have.

This is what’s efficient. This is the sign: to transmit wisely structured rejoicement, not to rejoice in movements of commotion. Between rejoicing in excited agitated movements and rejoicing in wise structures the difference is abysmal.


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